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Online Quran learning started while considering the problem of the parents in finding qualified Quran tutors near to their home. The online way of learning holy Quran has a lot of advantages as compare to the conventional Quran classes. In online Quran reading, you can take lessons at your place and suitable time just with a connectivity to internet. Qualified tutors are hired for this holy task to give effective and easy lessons. You can take a free trial of 3 days to ensure the teaching methodology. If you will be satisfied you can continue with us. Another advantage of online learning is that you can see your kid reading Quran without interrupting the kid and the teacher. Quality softwares are used to make the lessons fruitful and easy.

As compared to other online quran Institute, Our Quran academy provides effective classes and Tajweed (Reading of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and accent) classes at affordable charges to let most of the Muslims learn Quran at home online. Importance of Quran Education can be realized by the following sayings of Holy Prophet.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said "The best amongst you is the one, who learns Quran and teaches it.” ​

We are proud to offer these services at lowest possible charges. These charges hardly meet our expenses. Our female teachers are as competitive, polite and friendly as our male teachers. You can select that whether you want your kid to take Quran reading classes from a male or a female tutor. Female tutors are recommended for the daughters.

These live Quran classes are organized one to one. The tutor can fully pay attention to a single kid. All the positive factors of conventional Quran teaching have been adopted along with the new technology to make it interesting, easy and effective for the kids to learn Quran Online.

Its Effective:

Quran Classes are provided at affordable charges. Easy Lessons are delivered to the students by Qualified hired Quran tutors. Learning Quran is made easy using Online Quality Conversational Softwares.

Its Easy:

You can learn Holy Quran at any place. Simple and easy lessons with proven teaching methodology. One to One classes makes it attractive. Desired time is provided. Friendly environment is maintained.


Noorani Qaida is the basic book to understand the Holy Quran. Both kids & adults use this Qaida to read the Holy Book correctly. Usually, people in Non-Arab countries Learn Noorani Qaida to understand the basic concepts of Arabic Pronunciation. It is a very helpful book without which we cannot know about the recitation.

To get a command over the recitation of the Quran, we have to understand the science of Tajweed. It is very important knowledge for reciting the verses beautifully. This Course refers to some rules that we must follow while Learn Quran With Tajweed Online. This knowledge makes us proficient in reading so its learning is crucial. You can learn with our help.

Quran memorization is the greatest worship and blessing of Allah. PQA is the leading institute in offering the best Quran memorization course online. We offer this course to all Muslims in the world. After the successful completion of the basic courses, you will be to start the advanced courses of the Holy Quran.