Basic Courses

Noorani Qaida is the basic book to understand the Holy Quran. Both kids & adults use this Qaida to read the Holy Book correctly. Usually, people in Non-Arab countries Learn Noorani Qaida to understand the basic concepts of Arabic Pronunciation. It is a very helpful book without which we cannot know about the recitation.

TaleemeQuran is offering to learn Islamic studies online for kids as complementary course with all other courses and as regular course without the general course as well . We have now designed a series of of Islamic studies courses for kids to have this blessed Islamic Knowledge online. Besides Tajweed and recitation, we will be teaching these courses according to school levels as well.

Learn Quran online for beginners is easy and convenient at the comfort of the home. Learn with out any hesitation online on your easy and busy schedule with. No matter what is your age, if you didn’t get a chance to learn the Holy Quran to read in your life ever, you can join TarteeleQuran and get start your classes today for basic Quran reading Lessons. You will have amazing patient teacher who will take you to lesson to lesson in way that you can start reading just in few months In-Shaa-Allah.

To get a command over the recitation of the Quran, we have to understand the science of Tajweed. It is very important knowledge for reciting the verses beautifully. This Course refers to some rules that we must follow while Learn Quran With Tajweed Online. This knowledge makes us proficient in reading so its learning is crucial. You can learn with our help.

Quran memorization is the greatest worship and blessing of Allah. PQA is the leading institute in offering the best Quran memorization course online. We offer this course to all Muslims in the world. After the successful completion of the basic courses, you will be to start the advanced courses of the Holy Quran.

knowledge of Arabic language is a basic tool to understand the meanings of Quran and Hadith. It can also be a means to have a good communication. Learn Arabic online with us and see how our teachers are delivering the lesson online to make you able to read Arabic and understand the meanings as well.