Basic Qaida with Tajweed

Starting Quran reading from basic level is very much important, as it gives you the Basic Tajweed skills and basic Tajweed rules lessons that enable you and your kids to read the Holy Quran without knowing the rules of tajweed. The traditional Qaida (Basic Tajweed) is designed in such a manner that enables you read right after you complete this small booklet with the help of our teachers. We are using Quran Foundation for this course purpose. It is simple and comprehensive to learn the basic Tajweed. This Qaida and Basic Tajweed booklet is famous around the word and experts recommended it to teach to kids and adults at the same time. It is a really result oriented to make your and children recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

1. The Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation
2. Consonants
3. Short Vowels (Harakat)
4. Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
5. Tanween
6. Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
7. Noon Sakinah & Tanween
8. Rules of Raa
9. Rules of Laam
10. Noon Qutni
11. Waqf (Proper Pausing and Stopping)

How do you learn the Basic Tajweed in this course?

The teacher starts with the first lesson helping your pronounce the alphabets and the sounds of them. After that you are promoted to the lessons of the shapes which makes the words. Then you rare promoted to the signs and sounds of the signs that will make the reader able to utter the word with the ups and down of the Quranic words. This is the main phase of learning Basic Tajweed. After this section you become to read the words of the Holy Quran, ultemately make you self-sufficient in reading the Quran with Tajweed. In-Shaa-Allah.